Country Pines Tree Farm

We are members of the Iowa Christmas Tree Growers Association. We have been members since our first year of planting in 1990. We have 5 acres of Christmas trees planted on our acreage. Planting of the 8"-12" seedlings begins as soon as the frost is out. We use a gas powered auger to dig the holes and then hand plant each seedling. We plant about 500 each spring. We shape trees the end of June. Neal uses a gas powered shearer and Marie uses a knife with a 16" blade. It takes 7-12 days depending on the temperature.

Our Family

Family is an important part to the holiday season for us, and ours can be found helping all throughout the farm.

Chris and Amy, Kennedy and Kannon Bork from Sioux City
Courtney, Craig and Emily Wolterman from Ankeny

Kennedy is 18, Kannon is 15, and Emily is 14. So Grandpa and Grandma have lots of extra workers during this busy time of the year.

Kennedy graduated from Bishop Heelan Catholic High School and now is attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Kennedy is pursuing a degree in speech pathology. She has been involved in the tree farm from her first year and we have been so blessed to have her helping at the farm all these years.

These are family and friends who volunteer to help during the tree selling season. We work great together but we also play very well together. They all hope their day is not the one it snows or rains!!! Don't we all!!!

Jan helps lots behind the scene just anywhere we need her. She sets up the gift table, sells and cleans up the messes we create and also keeps us laughing and well fed. We truly need our family and friends to make this business happen.